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We will do our best to meet your preferred date/time and will call you to confirm.

What is Causing My Muscle, Joint or Nerve Pain?

We can diagnose and treat the source of your pain

Automobile Injuries

If you were injured in a car accident, you may be experiencing significant neck, back, or joint pain. We understand that automobile accidents take people by surprise and can put a significant burden on them mentally and financially. Our medical professionals will work with you to determine the source of your injury and develop a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your recovery goals.


Work Related Injuries

We understand that getting injured on the job can put a lot of stress on employees and employers. While it is important to always be careful at work, certain injuries are unavoidable. If you suffer a neck, back, limb, or joint injury while at work, visit VKP Medical to gain access to a full evaluation and treatment plan that will get you back to work quickly.

Post Operative Rehabilitation

Undergoing surgery is a serious endeavor. Even if the surgery itself is small, there are certain lingering ailments that may result from your procedure. At VKP Medical, we set you up with the team of medical professionals that you need to get you on the road to recovery.

Repetitive use pain/injuries

We all live different lifestyles and inevitably, people develop injuries based on the way they naturally function. Whether it is your back, neck, arms, or other areas of your body, we will design a treatment plan for you to ease your pain and allow you to make the lifestyle changes to support your body.


Spine & joint pain

Back pain is one of the troubles that a majority of our patients report. From stiffness to lack of flexibility, problems with your back can certainly be a detriment to your activities of daily living. In addition, other joint pain like in the knee or hands can accompany back pain. We will treat all of your spine and joint pain efficiently at VKP Medical.



Arthritis is when one or more of your joints swells, creating pain, tenderness, and stiffness. We know that arthritis can negatively affect people’s lives if left untreated, which is why we offer specific treatments plans for arthritis at VKP Medical.


Herniated discs

Sometimes referred to as a bulged, slipped, or ruptured disc, a herniated disc can cause serious back pain. The disc fragment can irritate nearby nerves and lead to both pain and numbness of the spine. We offer several treatment options for herniated discs at VKP Medical. Talk to one of our medical professionals to learn more about your specific condition.


Muscle/myofascial pain

This refers to pain and inflammation in the body’s soft tissues. Muscle/myofascial pain can be caused by a number of things, including injuries to muscles, repetitive motions, or lack of activity. There are several different therapies such as physical therapy and trigger point therapy, which have shown to successfully treat this pain. At VKP Medical, we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine which treatment option is best for you.